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Welcome Mary White, Sales Associate

Mary White recently received her real estate license and joined the Tara Woods team in May of this year. While she’s held a lot of jobs and enjoyed them all—mostly sales jobs, she says, “This, out of all the jobs I’ve had, is the perfect fit.” For the past 15 years, she’s held a sales management job—a terrific prerequisite for assisting the myriad people who walk through her door at Tara Wood. 

Mary has already sold five homes since arriving, and she says, “Selling is selling, whether it’s ice cream or homes that you’re selling. I don’t know how I got the knack for sales, but I have it. I use it to the advantage of all parties because it’s the most important purchase buyers are going to make.”

“I switched to selling real estate thanks to one of my mentors who convinced me that I had the skills and demeanor for high-ticket sales. I didn’t want to sell cars, but I loved the idea of helping people buy their dream home. It’s the largest purchase anyone will make, and it’s one that should be made with care,” Mary says. 

“I keep up with my owners after they move into the community, and I’ve already had people who have written letters to corporate thanking them for my help. I’m here to reassure people who want to buy or sell a home that I’m solely theirs—however I can help them,” Mary says. “I make it a point to go to the community breakfasts to keep up with the owners I’ve brought into the community and to meet people who live in the community.” 

To say that Mary enjoys working at Tara Woods is an understatement. She says, “I love coming in every morning and seeing the people that I work with every day, and then having clients say, ‘Wow, that’s the best experience.’ They don’t always buy, but I give them a wealth of information and let them know what we’re all about. I let them see what a wonderful community we are, and they usually say that it’s been an incredible experience.” 

In a phrase, Mary summed it up again by saying, “It’s a perfect fit.” And we agree. We’re so happy to welcome you to the Hometown America and Tara Woods teams.