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Scam Alert: The Windshield Scam

After a perfectly nice outing to the shopping center or the grocery store, you head to your car for the trip home. So far, so good—until you reach your car. 

Out of nowhere, someone approaches you and points to a crack or a ding on your windshield. The person offers to fix your windshield and bill your insurance company for you. You will suffer no out-of-pocket expense. It’s going to be a freebie.

How convenient is it that he showed up at just the right moment? For all you know, this Good Samaritan could have caused the ding or crack.

What do you do?
Decline the offer. This person is known as a “glass-claim harvester.” You have no idea what kind of claim he will make. Perhaps he fixes a ding and files a claim for a new windshield—or worse. You have no way of knowing until you hear from your insurance company. 

Some insurance companies only pay for dings. You have to pay the deductible before the company pays for the windshield. In the case of a $500 deductible, the cost of windshield replacement rarely exceeds the deductible. Whom do you think the insurance company will come after to recover the money? You might be stuck paying back the full amount of the claim or at least the full amount of the deductible.

Never give your insurance information to anyone other than a qualified repair professional and only after you have called your insurance company.

Tell everyone you know about this scam. If we work together to get the word out, people will become immune to this scam.