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Sam Jokich’s Spectacular Photographer, Spectacular Photos

Tara Woods resident Sam Jokich found his inner photographer just a year ago. In fact, he had never thought of himself as an artist. But, then he discovered all the beautiful birds that call Tara Woods home, and he grew into a talented, amateur photographer. Before retirement, he worked at a decidedly left-brain career—in sales with the National Federation of Independent Business.

Tara Woods has an abundance of wildlife, and Sam began spotting the wildlife from afar in his spare time. He was fascinated by their comings and goings, and he was especially taken by the birds he caught in flight and at play. It dawned on him that he could capture them on camera—digitally.

As his right brain sprang to life, he invested in a Nikon digital camera, which he says performs much better than the older film cameras. Soon, he bought a long zoom lens, and the awesome photographs you see today are the culmination of a yearlong hobby. In addition to birds, Sam routinely captures other wildlife and flora in the community. 

One day, Sam and a group of about 20 people were watching the bald eagle in the photograph above. “Twenty to 30 people were watching as it swooped down from a tree to drink from a puddle. It couldn’t have cared less that we were there,” says Sam. “Bald eagles are huge birds, with a wingspan of about 6 or 7 feet, and they’re 20–30 inches long,” he added.

To see more of Sam’s photography, visit his website at We hope Sam will let us feature more of his flora and fauna in the near future.

Enjoy the spectacular show below brought to you by the birds of Tara Woods with a little help from Sam Jokich.

Thank you, Sam, for sharing these breathtaking photos with the Tara Woods community.