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The Tara Woods Bulletin is catching on, and our readership is growing. We value you as a resident of the community, and we want this to be one of your go-to sources for information on what's happening in Tara Woods. If you have a story idea or a suggestion for The Bulletin, please forward the details in an email to for consideration.

Daylight Saving Time Reminder

On Sunday, March 13, at 2:00 a.m., time springs forward one hour.

Open House to View New Homes

We are planning to hold an open house for our new homes on March 8, 2016, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. During the event, we will block the streets so residents and prospective buyers can stroll through the new home sites. 

Get Ready for Spring Planting and Cleanup

Here in N. Fort Myers, spring planting season will be here soon.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to dig out your gardening tools and get busy. Below, you’ll find a serious gardener’s spring task list.

Is Seasonal Eating Just Plain SMART?

To every thing there is a season.
~ Ecclesiastes 3

Winter grapefruit is sweet, delicious and nutritious.

Tara Woods Photo Album

It’s a wonderful thing to put a face with a name. Just think how many of your neighbors you know by face when you pass them on a morning walk. And how often do you hear the same name crop up in conversation—but you can’t picture the face to save your life?

Tara Wood Expansion

Have you heard the news? Hometown America is expanding the Tara Woods property. With the current community completely built out, we are excited to be adding these new sites. Two sites have already been reserved, with plans to build new homes as soon as the sites are ready for construction.

10 Tips to Keep Your Home and Property Safe

Criminals love to vandalize low-hanging fruit. While speaking with Bob Glandorf about the Neighborhood Watch and Silver Alert programs, he mentioned a few safety items that residents should keep in mind so they don’t fall into that category.

Facial Hair for Cancer Causes 5K Run/Walk Roundup

Marie Springsteen, coordinator of the Facial Hair for Cancer Causes 5K Run/Walk

Tara Woods was the site of the Facial Hair for Cancer Causes 5K Run/Walk on January 9. Marie Springsteen, president of 4 Words Foundation, Tara Woods resident, cancer survivor and author of 4 Words, coordinated the event to benefit the 4 Words Foundation and 21st Century C.A.R.E.

Help a Friend and Earn a Referral Fee

Need some cash for spring and summer fun? Did you know Hometown American and Tara Woods offer a referral fee to residents who assist in the sale of a home at Tara Woods? Invite your friends to join the Tara Woods community, and if they purchase a home, you will receive a cash incentive of up to $500!

Homeowner Tip of the Month

Maintenance is a very important factor in retaining the value of manufactured homes. Most manufactured homes are designed to make use of small spaces. 

Safe Disposal of Household Chemical Waste and E-Waste

It’s important to humans, pets and the environment that we dispose of chemical waste properly. Before you can dispose of it safely, you have to know what it is. You might be surprised to discover how many everyday items fall into this category.

Tara Woods Neighborhood Watch

Bob Glandorf heads up the Tara Woods Neighborhood Watch program, which underwent a decisive change when he took charge more than a decade ago. As a retired law enforcement officer and private security guard, Bob works as security guard at Tara Woods, and he is the ideal resident to head up the program. 

Tara Woods Residents Reach Out to Oma’s Heart

ara Woods residents opened their hearts to Oma’s Heart. (Oma is Dutch for grandmother.) We would like to extend a special thanks to residents for helping the organization offer toys to less-fortunate area children. Last Christmas, 1,633 children received toys from Santa Claus on Christmas provided by Oma’s Heart. Recipients included children at hospice, two orphanages and those in the foster-care system in Lee County as well as those living with their families.

St. Patrick’s Day—A Touch of the Irish

Did you know?
March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, is an annual, worldwide celebration of Irish culture and religion. Originally, the day honored Saint Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints, who introduced Christianity to Ireland during the fifth century. Today, St. Patrick’s Day celebrates all things Irish.

Safe Disposal of Unused Drugs

Do you take Lipitor or Paxil? Think not? Think again. We all take them—along with OxyContin, Warfarin, antibiotics galore, Advil and many other drugs. How can this be? Unfortunately, the water supply is teeming with trace chemicals from prescription and over-the-counter medications—medications people flush down the toilet or pour down the drain. Every time you turn on the faucet, a drug cocktail flows from the tap. 

Water treatment centers can remove around 50 percent of the chemicals we’ve flushed. Even reverse osmosis leaves behind 1 percent, according to the World Health Organization.